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Remote Viewing chat with Elly Molina - Psi Kids.

November 13, 2021

Recorded Nov 12, 2021, this evenings chat was a ix of people discussing their predictive November news predictions and later a fascinating Presentation form Elly Molina.

Elly Molina is an international advisor to public figures, celebrities, and  entrepreneurs. She is the creator of the Psi-Kids Academy, a program that helps children and their parents unlock a child’s natural mind power and potential. 

Elly hosts the weekly live podcast, Ask Elly, where she answers questions and shares her wisdom. 

She is the author of the Amazon best seller, Children Who Know How to Know (, Annabelle and the Domino (
and is currently working on a Sci-Fi novel.

"When destiny calls & pulls at your soul, follow!" - Elly Molina

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