The Signal Line - Remote Viewing Podcast

Dick Allgire discuss and answer questions about the HRVG RV methodology.

November 27, 2021

Dick Allgire was a television newscaster for 34 years. In 1996 he became interested in remote viewing. He trained in SRV at The Farsight Institute, learned from Ed Dames and studied TRV. Dick also studied the CRV manual. In 1997 he began in classroom training with The Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild.

That weekly in-house training lasted 18 years, and the research and development continues to this day. Allgire is probably the most published remote viewer in the world. Not that he is the best; but in terms of showing actual work performed under blind conditions, there are literally hundreds of examples of printed and videotaped published sessions. Dick has been a featured speaker and master of ceremonies at numerous IRVA conferences. His presentations included, “A Method For Determining Location In Remote Viewing,” “An Introduction To Consensus Analysis,” “An Introduction To The HRVG Method,” “Masking and Entrainment,” and “A Message To The Past.” Allgire is currently a full-time paid professional remote viewer for “Cryptoviewing.”



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