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A discussion with Guest: Coleen Marenich about her CRV journey

June 14, 2021

Today's podcast is a discussion with Guest: Coleen Marenich about her CRV journey. This was recorded on  Jun 11, 2021.

We discuss Coleen's CRV journey including:

- Basic training CRV in 2001. 
- Being a  Canadian CRV training facilitator for Lyn Buchanan for 7 years, 
- Mentoring other students, conducting conference workshops,
- Co-presentation with Buchanan at IRVA in 2009 regarding creating standards in the community,
- Writing articles for and editing 8 martinis magazine with Daz Smith,
- Lessons I learned. 
- Epic fails, 
- Epic wins after a long (and scary) absence,
- And many more tips, hints and pieces of information.

Coleen can be found here: 


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